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Highlights from magCulture’s Modern Magazine conference published in ingenious format which references each speaker’s publication

Here’s a common problem with conferences – what do you do for the people who weren’t there and what do you give to the people who were which adequately captures the content of the day?

Most business conferences offer some form of post-event content – typically some pretty drab presentation video or options to download the dreaded ‘deck’, which seldom offers much of value out of context.

For magazine lovers, magCulture’s Modern Magazine conference has become a must-attend event. Each year it brings together the best of the ‘indie’ mag scene and key staff from mainstream heavyweights to debate the industry’s present and future.

Highlights of last year’s event have been recorded in a beautiful publication which is being distributed to attendees, speakers and sponsors ahead of this year’s conference. “This was a project largely researched and written on the day itself last October,” magCulture’s founder Jeremy Leslie explains (Leslie is also one of CR’s Creative Leaders 50 this year).”Each of the 12 magazines involved is reflected in a report that suited their presentation – a precise, verbatim version of the talk, a manifesto-like list, a comicbook, etc.

“Each was presented as a mini printed magazine, in relative scale, from the largest (The Face) to the smallest (Vice, on an iPhone screen) and each using different papers to match the real thing,” Leslie explains. “Thus it celebrates the variation and difference in print magazines.”

A particular highlight is the treatment of Empire editor-in-chief Terri White’s talk which is presented as a mini graphic novel, illustrated by Thomas Hedger.

Editors: Madeleine Morley, Kati Krause and Jeremy Leslie
Design: Jeremy Leslie
Design assistant: Clara Metter
Print: Park Communciations

The 2017 Modern Magazine conference will take place on November 2 at Conway Hall, London WC1 

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