A new campaign is taking an unpatronising approach to reducing paper use

The Environmental Paper Network’s #UnwrapTheTruth is encouraging people to reduce paper consumption, with a lighthearted animation by Kyle Platts

The film is a modern interpretation of the Pandora’s Box myth, and shows an unsuspecting person opening a package only to be bombarded with plastic spoons, straws and paper cups.

A reusable coffee cup helps spread #UnwrapTheTruth’s message – which is that by small steps, consumers can encourage companies to reduce paper consumption. A game show-esque soundtrack has been provided by musicians Lung Dart.

“We were really aware at the start how finger-wagging this kind of thing can be,” Kyle Platts told CR. “The brief was to try and interpret this call to action in a more humorous, and accessible way.

“The Environmental Paper Network wanted to reach people, and I felt you can express so much more with moving image and sound together. You’re giving people this information, but it’s less condescending.”


The animation definitely lives in the quirkier end of the spectrum, but that’s the main reason it’s enjoyable. Most viewers have become desensitised to messages of doom and gloom, and by taking a more positive, playful approach, The Environmental Paper Network stands a better chance of making its point.

environmentalpaper.org; kyleplatts.com