A Selection of Interesting New Magazines

We’ve had a number of unusual magazines sent to us at CR Towers recently, so thought we’d share a glimpse into a few of them here…

We’ve had a number of unusual magazines sent to us at CR Towers recently, so thought we’d share a glimpse into a few of them here… First up is the latest issue of the mighty Matador magazine, which is published annually by La Fábrica. Each issue of Matador is ‘curated’ by someone new, and the 13th in the series is put together by Spanish painter Miquel Barceló, who is pictured on the cover, above.

Barceló uses the issue of Matador to reveal his tastes, influences and obsessions, with many of these displayed as huge, full-bleed, double-page images, a rare treat in mags today. The resulting magazine is an eclectic affair: shown above is a photograph by Jean Marie del Moral that appears in a section of images of glassworks by the Finnish artists Tapio Wirkkala and Timo Sarpaneva, and a detail of a painting by Ivan Aivazovsky of a storm.

Elsewhere, Barceló covers a series of photographs from the Historical Archive of Guatemala’s National Police Force, and 18th century engravings of termites made by the European entomologist Henri Smeathman in one of his journeys through Africa. Matador is published in Spanish and English and includes a number of longer texts as well as a notebook of unpublished works by the poet Edison Simons. More info on Matador is available here.

Our second magazine, Motherland, is put together by Wieden + Kennedy ad agency in Delhi. According to its website it aims to ‘discard stereotypical ‘general interest’ issues and instead provide an in-depth perspective on the trends, issues and ideas emanating from contemporary Indian subculture’.

Each issue is designed around a theme, with this one being ‘The Parties Issue’. Stories include a photographic essay on the Behrupiyas, a nomadic community of street performers, and an article on the Indian Lovers Party in Tamil Nadu.

There is also a piece on Indian wedding bands. All in all, an unusual and engaging look at different aspects of Indian life, presented in an elegantly designed package. More info on Motherland is here.

Next up is No.Zine, a new independent art zine edited and designed by Patrick Fry. As its name suggests, each issue of No.Zine is loosely themed around its number and features work by a variety of young artists, designers, writers, photographers and illustrators. The front and back of the last three issues are shown above.

This spread of illustrations by Jon MacNair (left) and Emilski (right) features in No.Zine 4.

Spread showing The Fifth by Tom Fry, from issue #5.

Boundary 6 by Billy Woods, shown in issue #6. More info on No.Zine is here.

Our final mag is Delayed Gratification, a new quarterly review of the UK’s political, cultural, scientific and sporting life. The first one, which looks back at the last quarter of 2010, features a cover by Shepard Fairey and writing by PJ O’Rourke, Colin Montgomerie and David Schneider.

The November section features infographics somewhat reminiscent of New York magazine to document the health and safety stories that made the headlines that month, while punchy illustration accompanies an article on neuroscience later in the issue.

More infographics are used to collate the albums of the year according to various critics (the bigger the album/band name, the more coverage it had), and the back cover is a collection of quotes from the quarter. Edited by Marcus Webb, Delayed Gratification is jam-packed with information, and aims to offer a counterpoint to the speedy news feeds we’ve grown accustomed to. More info on the mag is here.

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