A skip full of records in Soho

OK, so this isn’t normally the kind of thing we report on here at CR, BUT, stumbling across a scene of Soho types, clambering all over a skip pulling out obscure old records – I had to find out what was going on…

So what’s this all about? Well, turns out that long established Soho record shop, Harold Moores (specialist in classical and jazz releases), is closing for a re-fit. In order to prepare the shop for its revamp, staff are chucking out thousands and thousands of records (well over 20,000 by my reckoning) – which were dumped, rather unceremoniously, in a skip outside the premises…

But that’s not to say the records are destined for landfill just yet. During my lunchbreak I stumbled across this scene of vinyl hungry people clambering over each other to grab a few vintage slabs of wax…

Vinyl is dead. Long live vinyl!

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