A visual conversation about food

Artists Petra Eriksson and Edward Carvalho-Monaghan took on the unusual task of having a conversation in illustrations for CR. The topic was food and here are the results, which are wonderfully unexpected, including the invention of a new fruit and imaginary space food

When we asked two illustrators who’d never met to have a conversation about food through pictures, we didn’t know what to expect. The hope was that we’d get some nice illustrations, but the reality has been so much more than that.

An experiment by all those involved, prepare yourselves for an unexpected and insightful journey through the future of food, imagined sustainable food sources, and the turning of inanimate objects into something edible.

The creative minds behind the CR’s first visual conversation are Swedish-born, Barcelona-based illustrator Petra Eriksson, and UK-based illustrator Edward Carvalho-Monaghan. Eriksson’s style is playful and filled with colours and patterns, but she also has a knack for blending very flat graphic shapes with softer, more organic things. Welcoming a touch of the dreamlike in her work, we felt her style would complement the otherworldly nature of Carvalho-Monaghan’s work perfectly. Continually evolving his style, Carvalho-Monaghan describes his current slew of work as ‘Pop Art Surrealism’. Often working in punchy, psychedelic colours, he combines precise linework with incredibly rich detail to create mind-bending landscapes.

To provide a framework, the two illustrators asked each other questions using words, and responded to five questions in total. They sent their responses back and forth to each other via email over two weeks.