A Work of Wonder

Who wouldn’t want to find a little room in their life for ‘a cyclopaedic and illustrated volume of arcane and commonplace wonders’?

Kerr|Noble designed just such a volume to promote the Wonder Room at Selfridges in London, a modern, luxury take on the Victorian ‘cabinet of curiosities’. Working with publisher Violette Editions, partner Frith Kerr says that the studio’s brief was “to create a book that was a cross between The Book of Kells and Cheap Date magazine”. A Book Of Wonder features suggestions of wonderful things culled from contributors from all walks of life.

“Our concept, inspired by nineteenth century bibles and reference books that we sourced at St Brides Library, was to design a book that would be treasured and enjoyed as much for its collection of democratically-nominated wonders as for its playfulness and irreverence,” says Kerr of the hardback, 190-page volume.

Two typefaces were designed specially for the book – Bubble Bellisimo, which is featured on the cover and frontispiece and Black Crystal Letter which is used for the illuminated letters that appear in the A to Z listings of the various wonders.

Illustrators James and James were asked to visualise selected wonders: “Our modern take on the black-and-white illustrations in Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management,” claims Kerr.

The book was given away to those attending the opening party of the Wonder Room but will also be available for sale at Selfridges.


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