A5 joy: some nice new zines

Over the last week, I’ve received various A5 packages, each containing a lovingly made, limited edition, A5 publication, invariably filled with colourful illustrations. Thought I’d share some with you…

Over the last week, I’ve received various A5 packages, each containing a lovingly made, limited edition, A5 publication, invariably filled with colourful illustrations. Thought I’d share some with you…

First to arrive last week was a copy of Kid Acne‘s Stabby Women – a 52 page fanzine with a very bright screenprinted cover in pink flouro ink. Inside there’s a written introduction to the project in which Kid Acne explains how he came to draw female characters clutching swords and daggers and how he installed them on the streets of New York, Paris, Barcelona, Munich and London.

The zine showcases photographs of dozens of these Stabby Women as they appeared on walls, doorways and street furniture all over the world. The main body of the zine is litho printed blood red ink on stone grey paper.

Stabby Women by Kid Acne has been produced in a run of 250, each numbered and embossed by the artist. It also comes with a set of 8 full colour, gloss laminated postcards, shown above. Does everyone like my nails? Just kidding. Those aren’t my hands.

You can buy Stabby Women from kidacne.bigcartel.com for the princely sum of £15.

I was delighted to recieve a pack of goodies (in the form of two A5 publications and two prints) from Landfill Editions – an independent publisher based in East London that utilise, for much of their output, the Risograph printing services of Manymono – based in the same studio. Above is the cover of Feeding The Murray by Jim Stoten, a 28 page, 4 colour Risograph psychedelic comic about a large beast called The Murray who doesn’t seem to be able to get a decent meal…

Feeding The Murray has been printed in a first edition of 125 and can be bought for £7 landfilleditions.com

Also from Landfill Editons is this 24 page, 8 colour Risograph publication called A New Collection For Somerset House which contains drawings of imagined objects which are based loosely on the themes and forms of the Rosalind and Arthur Gilbert Collection which was displayed at Somerset House before its removal to the V&A in 2008. The new collection has been imagined and drawn by a host of artists including Andrew Rae, Chrissie Macdonald, Marcus Oakley and, well, you can see the contributors listed on the sleeve, above. Here are some spreads:

Rather delightfully, I was also sent a couple of A3 Risograph prints by Landfill editions, of which, this untitled piece by Stevie Gee is my favourite:

Now then, this zine-size A5 size package was sent in by the good folk at Nobrow…

However, this isn’t a zine. When you open the package (nope, they’re not my hands either), there’s a set of A5 screenprinted “trading cards”. Each pack (only 50 have been produced) contains a unique combination of the different colous that the included prints (by Jon Boam and Matthew The Horse) are available in. Some special packs even have versions with silver or gold inks. The idea is you meet up with your friends and swap prints to get the full set / the ones you want most. Fun idea and the prints are very nicely printed and packaged…

The DOOOM 3.0 mini-print pack of trading cards cost £20 and are available from nobrow.net

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