The AA launches new identity

Elmwood has designed a new identity for the vehicle and driving assistance company, which seeks to build awareness of its other services

The AA is known for its roadside recovery and breakdown services, but many people are unaware that it also offers insurance, driving schools, servicing, and repairs.

The AA and design consultancy Elmwood worked together to develop a new strategy to help position it as an “active leader in a changing market”, which has been translated into the brand’s new tagline, Always Ahead.

Graphic shows the AA's new brand typography, with its black, bold, and bold italic weights on the left, and it's standard italicised font on the right in a sentence that reads 'brave new driving world'

The new AA logo is a subtle transformation of the previous design. Rather than tearing up the rulebook, the edges have been smoothed and angles gently exaggerated. The lettering informed the creation of a new typeface, AA Sans.

The fundamentals of the palette have remained the same, but with a deeper shade of black, helping the yellow to pop more. A secondary colour palette has been designed around different times of day, reflecting the AA’s round-the-clock care.

The team developed separate frameworks for using pattern, illustration, and photography for the different AA services, to help create distinctions between them. This uplifting visual language is joined by a new down-to-earth tone of voice, which feels like the biggest shift of all.

The redesign, and a new sonic identity by Sixième Son, appears in a campaign called It’s OK, I’m with the AA, created by the Gate, which shows how the AA can get you out of a jam.

Image shows three membership cards for the AA, two with a swirling pattern on a yellow background, another showing a purple and yellow swirling background
Image shows the AA's new branding on a landscape billboard headlined 'the movement for business' in yellow and purple font, next to a photo of a person leaning on a car while it is being refuelled
Graphic showing the AA's new branding on three iphones with social stories for the AA, one headlined 'leading the charge', one that reads 'We ride at dawn', and another that reads 'Always ahead'
Composite image showing an AA social post headlined 'boldly go wherever' with a photo of a smiling person wearing sunglasses and a coat coat pulled over their head, and an outdoor poster on the right headlined 'always ahead' over the top of a photo of a person wearing a beige collared zip sweater