Jessica Walsh, Debbie Millman and more support pro-choice project

Six artists and designers have created visuals for Merch Aid’s new charity collection supporting reproductive rights in the US

Poster that reads 'gender quality' and 'bodily autonomy' inside two red horizontal boxes, forming the shape of an equals symbol
Deva Pardue

It’s been two years since Roe V Wade – the Supreme Court ruling that protected the right to abortion access in the US – was overturned, spurring the rolling back of reproductive rights. The issue will no doubt feature (positively or negatively) in political campaigns during the forthcoming presidential elections in the US later this year.

It’s also the focus of a new capsule collection launched by Merch Aid, which raises funds for non-profits by launching merchandise in partnership with prominent designers. The new collection features designs by six well-known artists and designers based in the US: Gail Anderson, Jessica Walsh, Debbie Millman, Jennet Liaw, Deva Pardue, and Bria Benjamin.

Poster that reads 'let her decide for herself' next to an illustrated rose
Jennet Liaw
Poster that reads 'choice' arranged inside a pink vertical arrow against a blue backdrop
Gail Anderson

Their designs will be used on posters as well as on clothing so people can publicly express their support for reproductive rights. All profits from the collection are going to the National Network of Abortion Funds, which help facilitate abortion access where financial and logistical barriers are concerned.

In addition to this collection, Merch Aid has more to come throughout the year that will be themed around immigration and trans rights.

Poster that reads 'behind many great women is an abortion they don't regret' in varied white and green lettering on a black background
Jessica Walsh
Illustrated poster showing five characters and the tagline 'The fight for reproductive justice is a fight for us all'
Bria Benjamin
Graphic poster featuring the line 'Pro life is actually pro choice' in purple, green and red lettering
Debbie Millman