Ace & Tate: Bring on the Sun print campaign

Category: Print; Entrant: Base Design Brussels

This two-part campaign for eyewear brand Ace & Tate plays with a universal feeling: being dazzled by the sun. Initially, the team shot people squinting in bright sunlight. This decision to create a campaign that demonstrated the need for sunglasses without actually showing the product won a lot of attention when it was released.

It was then followed by a second part that presented the product with the same art direction style, creating continuity and capitalising on the attention received for part one. The combination worked, with the first weekend after the launch proving to be the second-best sales day in Ace & Tate history.

Ace & Tate: Bring on the Sun, Summer Collection Launch 2022
Category: Print
Entrant: Base Design
Creative: Base Design
Creative Direction: Dimitri Jeurissen
Art Direction/Design: Bruce Vansteenwinkel, Léa Wolf
Motion Design: Bruce Vansteenwinkel
Project Management: Zoé Mira-Torres, Margaretha Smeets
Strategy: Manon Bails, Coline Leclère
Client: Ace & Tate
VP Brand & Marketing: Sean Perron
Art Director: James Cullen
Creative Studio/Production Manager: Charlotte Schoots
Creative Director: Ruud de Bruin
Music: Jasper Jeurissen
Photography: Martina Bjorn Studio @ 254 Forest
Post Production: Unreality Check