Action Hunger’s vending machines to feed the homeless

Action Hunger, a Nottingham based charity, is on a mission to better the lives of the UK’s rough sleepers; starting with making sure they have food, water, sanitary products and other basic necessities. They’ve devised an innovative system of distributing these to homeless people via vending machines.

It’s a three step process, explained in these messages tweeted by the charity earlier this week:



These vending machines will start appearing in locations across Nottingham in the weeks leading up the Christmas.

Volunteers working for the charity will make sure they are stocked with donations from supermarkets and items purchased by the charity. At first, about a 100 homeless people identified as being most in need will be given a key card which can be used to “buy” up to three items of their choice each day. The vending machines will stay open all 24 hours.

If the project is successful it will be rolled out in other parts of the UK, and the United States in 2018.