Why every agency needs to talk about mistakes

Errors, cock ups, blunders – we have plenty of words for mistakes but rarely like to admit they happen. Here, agency founder Carsten Glock argues that this is gaffe in itself and instead we should embrace them to create a better work culture

Mistakes happen every day. From small day-to-day errors to major blunders, we all make them. So why do people turn them into such an issue? And why do so many people try to brush them under the carpet of everyday working life?

Especially in the creative industries, we need to talk more about mistakes. With the right attitude and tactics, we can prevent them turning into real problems or costing more than they should. In fact, they can be an agency’s greatest superpower.


It starts with realising that there is no point suffering in silence, burying your head in the sand and not owning up when things go wrong. Whether you’ve booked the wrong stock for a photoshoot or neglected to set up artwork files correctly, the biggest danger is not the mistake itself, but wishing it away while it snowballs out of control.