Ad of the Week: Innocent, Chain of Good

Innocent has launched a new series of ads to emphasise the charitable work that the company does. Created by 101, the campaign is our first Ad of the Week of 2014.

Innocent has launched a new series of ads to emphasise the charitable work it does. Created by 101, the campaign is our first Ad of the Week of 2014.

The ads celebrate the ‘chain of good’ that begins when you purchase one of Innocent’s fruity beverages. The first of two TV spots is shown above, and tells the story of a family in Uganda that was helped directly by Innocent’s long-term partnership with international development agency Send A Cow. It was directed by Max Joseph, and despite its worthy subject matter avoids earnestness, instead adopting a witty tone to tell the story of the brand’s good work.

Chain of Good was written and created by 101’s Erik Hedman and Ryan Delehanty, with creative direction from Richard Flintham. Flintham has had a long relationship with Innocent, working with the brand on and off for almost two decades. He was part of the team responsible for developing the brand’s distinctive, and much copied, tone of voice. In this work, the intention is to offer a broader picture of the brand to consumers, and according to Flintham, to introduce “a more purposeful and slightly less cutesy voice”.

“They do so many good things, and they’re culture is so good, that previously when I’ve worked on it, it’s always been difficult to condense all of that into a little marketing moment,” he continues. “That was basically our pitch – there’s so many great things that they do and it’s all joined up…. I know talking about the good they do isn’t something they’ve done a lot before, but they’ve given away so many millions to charity and helped so many projects. You don’t have to make it up, which is great.”

Max Joseph was part of 101’s offering from pitch stage. “I’d been looking at that Baldessari film of Max Joseph’s for goodness knows how long and sharing it with anybody I came across,” says Flintham. “When we started doing this I was thinking about that, and also obviously the Follow The Frog thing that he did.”

The process of working on the campaign was unusual, with 101 working in close collaboration with Joseph, his production company Hungry Man, and Innocent’s in-house creative team from the start. Alongside two TV spots, the campaign includes outdoor, digital and experiential activity, and the intention is to continue the ‘Chain of Good’ branding into future campaigns.

“The theory is that the chain of good doesn’t necessarily just have to apply to good deeds, it can apply to good taste,” says Flintham. “It doesn’t necessarily have to finish with an ethical thought; the idea that drinking that does this to your tummy is its own little chain.”

Agency: 101
Creative director: Richard Flintham
Creatives: Erik Hedman, Ryan Delehanty
Head of creative, Innocent: Dan Germain
Director: Max Joseph
Production company: Hungry Man
Film editor company: Works
Editor: Anne Perri


UPDATE (16/1):

This long form version of the film has just been released and is rather a lovely watch too.

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