adam&eve and Why Not create Words are Powerful campaign for Telegraph

A new integrated ad campaign around the concept of ‘Words chosen well’ attempts to showcase the Telegraph’s journalism and battle fake news

The campaign highlights important moments in history and the words that we associate with them, emphasising how important the right choice of phrase was in making an impact.

adam&eveDDB created the campaign in collaboration with The Telegraph’s in-­house marketing and creative teams. Design Studio Why Not Associates directed, animated and edited the commercial.

In common with most mainstream news organisations, the Telegraph is attempting to draw a distinction between its journalism and ‘fake news’, thus making the case for its subscriptions business. On an accompanying website, through which extra content for the campaign will play out, Telegraph Editor Chris Evans says, “There is currently such a tangle of factual material and strong opinion that it is hard to see the wood for the trees. And the trees are often haunted by trolls. In a world caught in an irregular war of words, the aim of The Telegraph is to choose its words to produce more light than heat.”

However, this approach does highlight a problem for the press, more so for those papers with a particular political viewpoint which drives their agenda and editorial decisions. You could argue that the “tangle of factual material and strong opinion” is one that the news media has been complicit in, especially in the UK. So it is rather difficult for them to distance themselves from it now.

Creative agency: adam&eveDDB
Group Chief Creative Officer: Ben Priest
Executive Creative Directors: Ben Tollett, Richard Brim
Copywriter: Laurence Quinn
Producer : Brittany Littlewood
Motion Graphics Direction and Production: Why Not Associates
Footage Research and Licensing: STALKR
Editing Company: Why Not Associates
Post Production: Freefolk
Post Producer: Charles Gillett
Colourist: Duncan Russell
Audio Post Production: Andy Humphreys at 750mph
Music and Sound Design: Composed by Dhruv Ghanekar, Wah Wah Music.

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