Adidas Originals, Selfridges Point of Sale

Here at CR we’ve always been fans of the iconic, classic Adidas blue shoebox, so imagine our delight when we found out that the Offspring store at Selfridges Oxford Street will soon be boasting a giant-size version

True North was asked to create an eye-catching, bespoke display system for the store and so employed an outsize Adidas shoebox for a table, while lids were transformed into matching chairs. Two purposes were served says True North creative director Alan Herron: “Firstly, a display and ‘trying on’ area was created and, secondly, the brand is given high standout in the near-chaotic visual environment of a busy department store.”

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Tony Blair And Me

Lucienne Roberts’ logo for The Office of Tony Blair
When Lucienne Roberts was asked to create a set of stationery for ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair, she knew that she was embarking on a project that would ask some difficult questions of her, both as a designer and as a person.

Karlsson Wilker in South Africa

The organisers of the Design Indaba conference asked NY design studio Karlsson Wilker to spend ten days in South Africa, creating a new piece of work each day in reaction to what they saw on their travels…

Andrei Tarkovsky: Film and Painting

Over a 25 year period, Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky made just seven feature films and three student shorts, yet his cinematic work stands out as one of the most significant contributions to moving image history. In films such as Solaris, Mirror and Andrei Rublev, Tarkovsky dealt thematically with the notion of memory, childhood and dreams and became a master of the long, unedited shot and distinct formalistic approach to filmmaking. Many studies of his work have also observed the links between his films and the visual arts. Black Dog Publishing is behind a new, comprehensive volume dedicated to his life’s work and we have an exclusive extract to present here on the CR blog. The following essay, by Mikhail Romadin (the art director on Solaris), looks at the relationship between Tarkovsky’s films and painting.

The People Behind Those Biblical Google Earth Images

Moses Parting the Red Sea, from God’s Eye View, a series of scenes from the Bible re-imagined via Google Earth. All works by The Glue Society, unless otherwise stated
The Glue Society, the company behind God’s Eye View, a series of images that re-imagine key scenes from the Bible as if captured on Google Earth (which caused something of a stir on the CR blog at the end of last year) was ten years old last month. This is their story.

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