Anyways Creative and Adobe Create: Adobe Creative Types

Honourable Mention: Digital, Websites

To help online magazine Adobe Create understand its audience better, Anyways Creative devised an online personality test for creatives. The test functioned as a useful, engaging tool for audiences to harness their creative potential while enabling Adobe Create to learn more about its readers and reach new audiences.

Personality tests exist in various forms, from career choice tests to finding out your Hogwarts house, and people are drawn to taking them to learn more about themselves. The majority aren’t visually exciting, and few are tailored towards the creative industries.

Anyways Creative designed an immersive, visual experience that looks and feels unlike any online test, and collaborated with a host of talent to bring it to life. The test aimed to be a tool for people to learn about their creative selves. The team worked with writer Carolyn Gregoire to research, design and write the questions in a way that felt relevant and real.

Gregoire’s research revealed eight different creative personality types – from ‘The Artist’ to ‘The Thinker’ – and a 15-question Myers-Briggs-style test measured personality tendencies to define each user as one of these eight types. Each result was accompanied by a description to signpost users towards their full creative potential. Between each question, a short piece of motion graphics created by set designers Isabel + Helen and director duo Baker & Evans played, which varied depending on the answer given.

Finally, 3D artist Anton Hjertstedt brought each personality to life through a unique character designed to embody the personality types and feel like personal mascots that are relatable and shareable. On release, the test went viral, with 3.1 million people taking it worldwide.

Design: Anyways Creative, in collaboration with Adobe Create
Research, Test Design & Copywriting: Carolyn Gregoire
3D Artist: Anton Hjertstedt
Set Design: Isabel & Helen
Video Directors: Baker & Evans
BTS Film: Jamie Dougan
Sound Design: Sounds Like These
Web Design: Dan Powell