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It’s been a bumper week for ads – here’s our pick of the best.

It’s been a bumper week for ads – here’s our pick of the best.

First up is a PSA created by the Ad Council in the US to promote Love Has No Labels, a campaign backed by numerous non-profit organisations and brands that aims to encourage us to embrace diversity and question our prejudices. Featuring some clever tech, the film below demonstrates clearly that despite surface appearances, we’re all the same underneath.


Agency: R/GA; Production company: Persuade Content



Twentieth Century Fox has come up with a fun campaign to promote new film Unfinished Business, starring Vince Vaughn and Tom Wilkinson, among others. The film’s premise surrounds a business trip that goes awry, so the studio has partnered with Getty iStock to recreate some classic stock photos starring the cast. IN a nice touch, the images, which are based on real stock photos, hence their authentic look (and rather dodgy PhotoShopped heads), are currently free to download on the iStock site, here. (There was a similar idea promoting Cannes Lions last year, of course).


Another unusual campaign for you now, this time with a far more serious theme. Created by WCRS for domestic violence charity Women’s Aid, the ads feature images of bruised women placed on digital screens around London and Birmingham, accompanied by the slogan ‘Look at me’. What makes them unusual is that the screens use facial recognition technology which clocks when people actively look at them. A ticker tape then runs along the bottom of the ads registering the number of views. Clever stuff, if it works – these images are just a mock up and we haven’t witnessed the real screens so can’t vouch for how effective the tech is. The ads are timed to coincide with International Women’s Day on March 8, and will be accompanied by a TV spot. Creative director: Ross Neil; Creative technology: Dino Burbridge; Creatives: Mike Whiteside, Ben Robinson; Photography: Rankin.



How do you stop people skipping over your ads? By making them ‘unskippable’ of course! These brilliant new spots from Geico show how its done. Agency: The Martin Agency; Production company: Park Pictures; Director: Terri Timely.



Thjnk Berlin has created this ridiculously over-the-top spot for Audi which emphasises the importance of not letting any old mechanic service your prized car. ECD: Stefan Schulte; Creative directors: Siyamak Sevedasgari, Matthias Walter; Creatives: Inga Obenbrügge, Mike Wenzel, Anika Zanter, Daniel Lamprecht; Director: Sebastian Strasser; Production company: Radical Media, Berlin.



We end this week’s collection with a highly stylised ad for Air France, which feels closer to a fashion ad than an airline spot but certainly stands out in the sector. Agency: BETC Paris, ECD: Rémi Babinet; Creative director: Jasmine Loignon; Creatives: David Soussan, Marie-Eve Schoettl; Art director assistant: Michael Madou; Directors: We Are From LA; Production: Iconoclast. Post: Mathematic.

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