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We have some great work to share with you this week, for Orbis Access, Desperados, Moyee coffee, Specsavers, Think! and Kids Company. First up though is this Cold War-inspired short film from Taco Bell…

We have some great work to share with you this week, for Orbis Access, Desperados, Moyee coffee, Specsavers, Think! and Kids Company. First up though is this Cold War-inspired short film from Taco Bell…


The film continues Taco Bell’s campaign to overthrow McDonald’s as the fast food breakfast of choice, with this film portraying a bleak, dystopian world where everyone eats the same thing every day. Two teenagers break free from the tyranny of the clown though, to escape through the city walls to the bright future of, um, Taco Bell. Okay, so a message of ‘freedom’ that consists of swapping one fast food chain for another is a little flawed, and the use of communist-era imagery might be in politically poor taste, but the attention to detail is nonetheless impressive. Examples of the print work are shown below.

Agency: Deutsch Los Angeles; CCO: Pete Favat; ECD: Brett Craig; Group CD: Tom Pettus; Creative directors: Scott Clark, Pat Almaguer; Director: Michael Spiccia; Production company: Arts & Sciences; Illustrators: Paul Rogers, Erin Burrell.


Our next spot, for investment company Orbis Access, sports a similar Groundhog Day message, though this time we are encouraged to snap out of our regular banking routines and try something new. The TV spot and two of the print ads are shown above. Agency: The Corner; Director: Henry Alex Rubin; Production company: Smuggler; Photographer: David Sykes (Vue).


The latest ad for Specsavers marks a shift away from the optician brand’s focus on the bald comedy that can come from bad eyesight and instead is a charming meditation on lost glasses, directed by Simon Ratigan. Agency: Specsavers Creative; Creative director: Graham Daldry; Creatives: Aaron Scoones, Mike Hutchinson; Production company: HLA.


Last year we had a trippy TV spot for coffee brand Taylors of Harrogate, but now Dutch coffee brand Moyee has made an even more explicit connection between drinking a brew and getting high, with this film which depicts a group of people having a smoke and then describing the smell of their drink. The tenuous link is that smoking weed enhances the senses but really the humour comes from the outlandish responses that the participants come out with. Agency: 180 Amsterdam; CCO: Al Moseley; Creative director: Martin Beswick; Creatives: Stephane Lecoq, Ben Langeveld, Ingmar Larsen; Director: Tobias Pekelharing.


Two striking print campaigns from AMV BBDO for you now. The first, above, is for the UK’s Department for Transport Think! campaign, and emphasises the dangers of driving while using your movile phone. Creative directors: Steve Jones, Martin Loraine; Creatives: Antony Nelson, Mike Sutherland; Photographer: Adam Hinton.


The second AMV BBDO campaign, for charity Kids Company, is reminiscent of some of Amnesty International’s recent ad work, in its emphasis on how signatures on petitions can save lives. This is explicitly shown here, with the pens forming a protective barrier for the children in the ads. Creative directors: Alex Grieve, Adrian Rossi; Creatives: RIchard McGrann, Andy Clough; Photographer: Todd Antony.


We close with a series (two shown above) of short, lively spots from Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam for booze brand Desperados. The ads emulate a mix of punk and early 80s New York grafitti style, and are clearly aimed squarely at a youth audience. ECDs: Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy; Creative directors: Joseph Burrin, Sean Condon; Creatives: Ignasi Tudela, Sebastien Partika, Ebba Hult, Edouard Olhagaray; Director: Helmi; Production company: Division Paris.

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