Ads of the Week

We have a quirky set of spots for you this week, headed up by this charming ad for breakdown service AA, which shows off British eccentricity in all its glory…

We have a quirky set of spots for you this week, headed up by this charming ad for breakdown service AA, which shows off British eccentricity in all its glory…

The ad, by Adam&EveDDB, is titled We’ve Seen It All, and aims to highlight some of the less expected scenarios that AA patrols have been called to, including a WWII reenactment and a nudist camp.


Agency: Adam&EveDDB; CCO: Ben Priest; ECDs: Ben Tollett, Richard Brim; Creative directors: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon; Creatives: Rory Hall, Steph Ellis; Director: Scott Lyon; Production company: Outsider


Next up, some beardy Swedish skaters advertise cider brand Rekorderlig. Look out for the amazing singing coach. Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi London; ECD: Andy Jex, Rob Potts; Creative: Adam Chiappe; Digital creative director: Dan Rutherford; Digital directors: Lloyd Salmons, Ant Cauchi; Director: Andreas Nilsson; Production company: Biscuit Filmworks


BBDO Russia Group has created this unusual campaign for Glorix mosquito repellent. Based on the idea that mosquitoes steal your blood, and that if you use Glorix you could donate it instead, the team created a series of ‘micro-portraits’ in a smear of blood the size of that left after a mosquito has been slapped on a wall. The portraits were displayed (with magnifying glasses) in a gallery and visitors were encouraged to donate blood after viewing them. More info is in the film above.


Party in Japan has created a website for Kirin beer which features films showing how to complete various everyday cooking tasks, from boiling pasta to making sushi. What makes the films special is the music – performed by a full orchestra, it turns these ordinary activities into something truly epic. The website with the full set of films, in Japanese, can be found at


We finish on a sombre note with a chilling road safety film for Road Safety Authority, Ireland, that will certainly make you think. Apologies for the shocking end to this otherwise rather off-the-wall round-up of campaigns but this spot was too powerful to leave out. Director: Martin Stirling; Production company: Partizan

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