These new ads for OkCupid make dating apps look cool

Wieden + Kennedy New York has teamed up with artists Maurizio Cattelan and PierPaolo Ferrari to create this vibrant campaign for OkCupid, which tackles some of the downsides of dating apps.

Dating online, or via dating apps, has come a long way in the past decade. There was a point not so long ago where you might decide it was better to lie to your family and close friends than to admit that you’d met your partner online, but nowadays it’s almost expected to be on an app or two if you’re single (and for some, even when you’re not).

With this speedy progress has come what might be described as a coarsening of the language used on the apps, however, and it is this that a new ad campaign from OkCupid tackles head on, specifically addressing the regularly used acronym DTF (down to fuck?).


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