New ads for Setapp point out the unexpected perils of getting distracted

Droga5 has created a series of witty spots to demonstrate the benefits of Setapp, a subscription service for Apple users that provides apps that bring order to our lives and work. The agency has also created a new look and feel for the brand

We’ve all been there: you’re hard at work on an important task when suddenly the phone rings and your mind gets dragged off in a completely different direction. Such distractions are arguably more extreme than ever at the moment, with remote working leading to our work and personal lives becoming increasingly more entangled.

One apparent way of sorting this mess out, according to a wild and witty new set of ads from Droga5 London, is to subscribe to Setapp, a service providing access to 190+ creative, productivity and maintenance apps for Macs, iPhones and iPads to help users complete any task. The spots illustrate, in hilarious fashion, how not finishing what you’ve started is not just a minor annoyance but can have truly life-changing consequences.

Setapp launched three years ago, and this first major marketing push aims to build brand awareness around the service. The three films are supported by an all-new look and feel for the brand, also developed in-house by Droga5 London.

The design draws upon the visual language of the internet using familiar cues such as loading bars and pop ups to express the campaign idea. It will be seen across film, static, display and social (example shown below) and features work from established artists including Tyler Spangler, Eva Cremers, Elena Xausa, Damien Weighill, Leanne Rule, Alex Tait, Matthew Cooper and Walter Newton.

“If you’re reading this it’s entirely probable you’ve started some other task and then become distracted and ended up here,” says Ed Redgrave, Droga5 London creative director. “If that’s you – or if that’s ever been you – you need Setapp. A suite of apps to help you complete any task.”

Agency: Droga5 London
CCO: David Kolbusz
Creative directors: Ed Redgrave, Dave Wigglesworth
Creatives: Nick Lindo, Sebastien Thomas
Lead designer: Stephanie McArdle
Senior designer: Matteo Alabiso
Studio director: Tim Larke
Production company: Biscuit Filmworks UK
Director: Jeff Low