The Advertising selection from this year’s Illustration Annual contains work from I Love Dust, Ben Weeks, and Anja Denz

Illustrator: Ben Weeks
Title of work: Juniper Park Mural
Entry no. 9

Mural for ad agency lobby. Illustration by Ben Weeks, Assisted by Ian Turner. Photography and post: Sara Blais and Peter Lusztyk. Client: Juniper Park. Creative direction: Barry Quinn. Copywriting: Christine Gliha. Producer: Ryan Teixeira

Illustrator: Mark Graham, I Love Dust
Title of work: Kiehls Crème De Corps packaging
Entry no. 39

Illustrator: Nicholas Saunders
Title of work: Swamp Thing
Entry no. 13

Promotional print for Hot Bed Press Printmakers Studio,

Illustrator: Anja Denz
Title of work: Clever Houses
Entry no. 6

Campaign for ‘home control’ systems supplier. Ad agency: P-Art & Peyer DC. Client: Adhoco AG.

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