Advice that sticks

We just got sent a roll of Blanka’s new sticky tape – which features words of wisdom from a selection of well-respected designers…

We’re always sending out packages – usually with a magazine or two in them – that require the use of some sturdy sticky tape to ensure the envelopes don’t split at the seams. So we will definitely make good use of our new sticky tape – which arrived in the post this morning courtesy of Blanka

The clear sticky tape features words of wisdom from a selection of well-respected graphic designers set in good ol’ Akzidenz Grotesk. Designers quoted are Mark Farrow, Michael C. Place, Wim Crouwel, Adrian Shaughnessy, Tony Brook, Ben Stott, Storm Thorgerson, Daniel Eatock and Hamish Muir. “It’s based on the principle ‘that good advice sticks’,” says Blanka’s Mark Blamire. 

The tape was designed by James Greenfield ( and a roll will cost you £7 (including postage) – available from




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