Airbnb offers opportunity to stay the night in LEGO House

In its latest ‘Night At’ promotion, Airbnb is offering one competition winner the chance to stay overnight at the LEGO House and build their dream LEGO project

The Lego House opened in Billund, Denmark in September as a brand experience. The 12,000-square metre house is filled with 25 million LEGO bricks for visitors to play with.

Render of the LEGO House

Now LEGO has partnered with Airbnb to offer one family the chance to stay overnight in the House. A competition via the LEGO House listing page on Airbnb asks entrants to “describe one thing they would build together with their family if they had an infinite supply of LEGO”.

The winner (and their family) will be flown to Denmark on November 24, where they “will enjoy the LEGO House all to themselves for a whole night. They will sleep in a dream LEGO bedroom under a giant LEGO waterfall and create their winning entry with the skillful support of the host, Jamie Berard, one of the finest Master Builders in the world and a true expert of the brick”.

The experience will start at lunchtime where the winners will be asked to create the meal of their choice (out of LEGO, natch) “before it’s sent to the kitchen to be made into real food and served by two friendly robot waiters”.

After lunch, the House will close to visitors, allowing the winners the run of the place as they work with Berard to build their creation.

After spending the night sleeping in the two LEGO beds (with non-LEGO mattresses we presume), surrounded by LEGO lamps, alarm clock and LEGO teddy bear, the winners will be served “BRICKfast in bed”.

Details on how to enter here


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