AKQA is behind the latest mobile marketing initiative from Nike

PHOTOiD allows fans of customised footwear to seek out interesting colourways from their own environ­ment and see what they would look like when transferred onto a pair of Nike Dunks.

Users simply send a camera phone image of a particularly appealing two-tone colourway to a shortcode (via mms) and are then sent a link to the photoid mobile site where they can view their customised footwear and original photograph. By entering a unique design code at nikeid.com, users can then order their personalised shoes.

If you’re in the UK, you can mms your chosen image (a shot with well-defined strong colours is best) and the word ‘dunk’ to 88247. Wait for the link to the photoid site to come through and then check out your design.






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All Aboard the Design Bus

In March last year, having just given a lecture to an audience in Katowice in Poland, London-based designer Anne Odling-Smee was presented with a proposal

Radiohead House of Cards video

Still from Radiohead, House of Cards video, directed by James Frost. Production company: Zoo Films. Technical director: Aaron Koblin. Post: The Syndicate
Zoo Films director James Frost has created a stunning new promo for Radiohead track House of Cards, which has just premiered on Google. See the video here.

Comedy Smalls Awards 2008

Matt, Ben and Buscemi, by Liam Johnston & Stuart Hamilton
Last week saw the announcement of the winners of this year’s Comedy Smalls Awards, the short film awards that aim to weed out upcoming comedy talent, with the winners being offered the chance to have original content commissioned by Paramount Comedy. Taking the top award this year were Liam Johnston and Stuart Hamilton for their short Matt, Ben and Buscemi, shown above.

Everything and Nothing

“To design is to create images which communicate specific ideas in purely visual terms and utter statements whose form graphically embodies or enhances the essential nature of the notions to be communicated.” This definition of graphic design comes from John Commander, the first chairman of D&AD and a noted art director. I first heard it from the design critic Rick Poynor at a CR-organised debate (see CR Aug 04). At the time, Poynor called it about the best description he’d heard for what a graphic designer does. Some would argue that it is no longer adequate.

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