AKQA’s beautiful new website for Hermès Silk

AKQA Paris has created an elegant ‘pop-up e-store’ for Hermès Silk, featuring the charming illustrations of Pierre Marie…

AKQA Paris has created an elegant ‘pop-up e-store’ for Hermès Silk, featuring the charming illustrations of Pierre Marie…

The digital store, which can be found at lamaisondescarrés.com, is designed as a giant house of Hermès scarves, with different ‘rooms’ grouping the items into themes: these include ‘cocoa’, a section themed around colour, ‘horse & equestrian’, and ‘metamorphosis’, a more abstract category. The intention is that the design of the rooms will continue to evolve over time.

The e-store is open in 27 countries, and features over 600 choices of scarves, shawls, silk squares, twills and stoles. Each scarf has its own dedicated page, which includes product details and also the history of its design.

“The brief was to create a dedicated e-store for their scarves, which would allow the user to explore the eccentric universe of Hermès Silk and, at the same time, make it easy and intuitive to identify and buy the scarf they love,” says Peter Lund, creative director on the project. “The architecture of La Maison des Carrés is richly illustrated, yet is fully responsive and works across all devices.”

The platform took ten months to produce, and its look is brought to life with the fresh and appealing illustrations of Marie, who has also designed a wide range of scarves for Hermès. It was important that the site be both charming to interact with, yet practical to use. “Pierre Marie designed a universe for La Maison des Carrés that is rich, but still allows us to display the individual patterns of the scarves,” continues Lund.

Visit the Hermès online store at lamaisondescarrés.com.

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