Alex Khabbazi on trading architecture for visual arts

The artist and designer’s meditative pieces bring together the precision of digital illustration with the tactility of analogue techniques. He talks to us about switching lanes and how he continues to push himself creatively

London-born artist Alex Khabazzi began his career as an architect, initially working for a firm for several years before successfully transitioning to a solo practice, which saw him design bespoke extensions for his clients. However, during lockdown, a long-held desire for greater freedom in his work led Khabbazi to try his hand at graphic design.

“Architecture is such a rigid profession, leaving little room for creative experimentation and expression,” he tells CR. “Although I found reasonable success in architecture and designed many buildings I’m proud of, art and graphic design felt like the true expression of self I was looking for when I began my creative path.”

Khabbazi’s career pivot has clearly been fruitful. His vibrant prints and scarf designs have earned legions of fans on Instagram (133,000 and counting), he’s been commissioned by musicians to create album covers and concert posters, and has found clients in brands such as Adobe and Champion, as well as a bestselling collaboration with T-shirt company Everpress.