Alex Trochut’s new project explores the unreliability of truth

The New York-based designer has launched a new platform that uses animated audiovisual shorts to represent the manipulation of truth in the modern world

Following his recent designs for Creative Review’s Annual 2019 cover, typographer and artist Alex Trochut is back with a self-initiated project, Truth AF, which revolves around the idea of certainty in a world that feeds on fake news and unreliable truths.

Conceived in response to “the noise around us”, the initiative so far features nine artists including animator and art director Freddy Arenas, 3D designer Frank J Guzzone, and creative collective Dvein, with this number set to grow on a continuing basis. The artists collaborated on the “series of typographic animated ‘one-word poems’” which all take various forms, the word TRUTH being rearranged, skewed or destroyed as a metaphor for its elusiveness.

Truth AF is brought to life with musical compositions by Antfood, an international creative audio studio whose award-winning portfolio counts Google, Facebook, Nike, Pepsi, Playstation and BMW among its clients. Antfood’s work has a tendency to cross paths with challenging visuals and, in Truth AF, the sounds play an essential role in reinforcing the dizzying sense of noise, particularly when each track is layered.

The visualisations resemble charming idents, however when viewers opt to play each one simultaneously, the clips crescendo into chaos. The representation of objectivity and truth carries through to the name of each animation, with titles like Flexible Values, Mind Games, Puppet Show and even Hot Air underlining the scepticism and uncertainty fostered by modern society.