Aliina Kauranne’s digital art is rooted in retrofuturism

Since switching from a “sensible” graphic design degree to teaching herself 3D, the digital artist’s 90s-inspired aesthetic has caught the attention of everyone from Samsung to Nike

There’s a beautiful tension in Aliina Kauranne’s work; while today’s shiny digital world is clearly where she most feels at home, nostalgia is arguably her biggest inspiration. Having grown up in the 90s, her art pays homage to the decade that defined her early life through iconic pop culture references ranging from Furbies and lava lamps to the Sims.

The Finnish artist’s introduction to the creative industries came when she opted to study graphic design at Aalto University in Helsinki. “I thought being a graphic designer would be a sensible enough job where I could still utilise my passion for creating visually pleasing layouts and illustrations,” she tells CR.