All About Me: Leagas Delaney’s campaign for Feel Unique

Leagas Delaney has launched a campaign for online beauty retailer Feel Unique with a series of typographic posters celebrating individuality.

Leagas Delaney has launched a campaign for online beauty retailer Feel Unique with a series of typographic posters celebrating individuality.

Each poster uses a variation of the campaign’s strap line, it’s all about me, in a different type, style and colour. They were designed by Leagas Delaney’s head of design, Kerry Roper – aside from one which was created by Daren Newman. The designs will also be applied to postcards and static stickers.

The artwork supports a 30-second TV spot featuring a range of women – and some men – claiming it’s all about them. A little repetitive, perhaps, but the idea complements the Feel Unique name and should help increase brand awareness.

“The basic premise behind the campaign is to celebrate everyone’s individuality,” explains Roper. “Nigel Roberts, our creative director, asked me to help support the new television commercial with a series of print designs reiterating the proclamation of individuality, to help engagement and build awareness, and take the campaign across into social media. The challenge was to create a spectrum of designs that present the same proud statement, but each with a sense of its own personality.” he adds.

Poster above by Daren Newman

Leagas Delaney has also launched an app allowing users to design their own t-shirts using a selection of fonts, backgrounds and designs, and visitors to can copy the looks of men and women featured in the spot. The agency recently updated the Feel Unique website, launched in 2005, and the brand’s logo, removing a dot above the i in Feel Unique and changing the dot in dot com to a square. “We were asked to finesse the brand identity. The changes aren’t a massive departure from the original logo, but the subtle differences have helped make it slightly cleaner and more contemporary,” explains Roper.

It’s a refreshing change to see a print campaign for a beauty brand that isn’t based on product shots or images of models or celebrities with flawless skin. The group of characters featured in the TV ad isn’t hugely diverse – most appear to be around the same age and size – but they all have a distinctly different look, and the varying posters capture the strong sense of individuality that Feel Unique is keen to promote.

“The whole point with the print designs is that everyone’s tastes are different. One person’s favourite might be another’s least favourite,” he says.


Creative director: Nigel Roberts
Art directors: Alan Cinnamond & Kerry Roper
Typographers: Kerry Roper & Daren Newman

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