Image showing Alpro's brand redesign on a row of packs of plant milk alternatives

Alpro’s global redesign emphasises flavour

Elmwood has evolved the plant-based brand’s identity and packaging to reassert its position in an increasingly competitive market

According to research, the dairy alternatives market is worth $24 billion USD globally. With more and more brands to compete with, Alpro – a veteran of the category – has unveiled a global brand refresh that places a greater emphasis on flavour, which has become an increasingly important factor as the category improves.

This comes through visually and verbally, with both photography and typography taking up more real estate on packs and across other executions. A more playful, informal tone of voice has been introduced, as well as a “tailored hand-cut font” by artist Rachel Joy in collaboration with Monotype.

Image showing Alpro's brand redesign on coconut yoghurts appearing to float mid air at different angles
Image showing Alpro's brand redesign on a row of packs of plant milk alternatives

The project was led by Alpro’s long-term agency partner, Elmwood (which oversaw the last redesign in 2019) in collaboration with other agencies including .becoming in Brussels.

“When our partnership [with Alpro] began, the conversation was very much about educating consumers with a simple, subtle design ethos. However, with a huge boom in awareness, we now have space to consider where Alpro goes next,” said Elmwood ECD Kyle Whybrow.

“Through a co-creation process, we decided that there was room to move the needle, creatively, by focusing on Alpro’s wider brand story (rather than pack design alone). The result is an evolved design that focuses on the incredible taste and smooth, moreish texture of Alpro products – from drinks to yogurts, mousses and more,” Whybrow added.

“Along with their positive impact on health and the planet, these changes show clearly that plant-based produce are no longer ‘just’ alternatives or supplements. They’re aspirational purchases in their own right.”

Image showing Alpro's brand redesign on out of home advertising
Image showing Alpro's brand redesign on packages of plant milk alternatives scattered on a blue background