Still image showing a young woman stretching a sticky substance from a pot, taken from Tache, an Amazon Prime ad by Olivia Wilde

Amazon ad directed by Olivia Wilde celebrates the moustache

The director of Don’t Worry Darling worked on the ad, called Tache, which follows a young woman debating what to do with her facial hair

Amazon Prime’s new ad, directed by actor turned filmmaker Olivia Wilde, follows a young woman debating what to do with an unwanted moustache. While at first she wants to remove it, she changes her mind when she’s reminded of all of the cultural icons who have facial hair.

She’s particularly emboldened by Freddie Mercury and orders a yellow jacket inspired by one of his better-known stage outfits. The jacket and the Queen song scoring the ad appear to help her wear her moustache to school with confidence. Wilde made her feature debut in 2019 with the charming coming-of-age film, Booksmart, and the same light-hearted approach to characters and world building is on display here.

Bunching all of these famous faces together is arguably a little clunky – a poster of Frida Kahlo appears after a trailer featuring Eddie Murphy, whose film Coming 2 America, you’ll notice, is now streaming on Prime Video – however, the tone of the ad suggests that none of it is meant to be that deep.

Tache is the first spot from Amazon’s new It’s on Prime campaign, led by Wieden+Kennedy London. Two more ads, directed by Michael Spiccia, are to follow.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London
ECD: Susan Hoffman
Creative Directors:  Charlie Lanus, Lucas Reis
Creatives: Georgina Brisby, Marcelo Duarte
Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Olivia Wilde
DoP: Chris Blauvelt