New Amazon Alexa ad takes viewers back to Pompeii

The ad is the latest in a series of spots for the brand which mix humour with epic scenes while pointing out the usefulness of the Alexa smart assistant

While previous ads for the Amazon Alexa have seen Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi ponder what life was like before the arrival of smart assistants, and Michael B Jordan become one, Droga5’s latest spot for the brand tackles a topic which will likely spark painful memories for many parents: home schooling.

Happily, the ad goes about it in humorous fashion, showing a dad navigating devastating destruction in ancient Italy as he tries to find out facts for his daughter’s project on Pompeii using the Alexa.

Ad fans might note that this new spot is slightly reminiscent of the classic Canal+ series of ads by BETC Paris, which similarly combine over-the-top historical scenes with wit.

As with those ads though, Droga5’s work for Amazon does a great job of bringing the product benefits of the Alexa to life in a way that is unexpected and charming.

Agency: Droga5
CCO: David Kolbusz
ECD: Shelley Smoler
Creative Director: Jonathan Thake
Creatives: Ethan Bennett, Liam Crerar
Production Company: Biscuit
Director: Andreas Nilsson