Amazon’s Super Bowl ad sees Michael B Jordan play the role of Alexa

In a romantic fantasy, the actor and director plays Alexa with sophistication as part of the annual slew of Super Bowl advertising 

Amazon has partnered with actor, producer and director Michael B Jordan for its new ad, titled Alexa’s Body. It’s Jordan’s Super Bowl debut, and was created by Amazon’s in-house team and creative agency Lucky Generals.

The 60-second spot begins by celebrating Alexa’s new spherical design for the smart speaker. One Amazon exec then begins to daydream about other “beautiful vessels” Alexa could live inside of, which sees Jordan stepping up to fill the role in her fantasy. 

Viewers are treated to a montage of over-the-top romantic scenarios and requests, much to the distress of her husband. In the ad we see Jordan teaching the woman French, joining her during a candle-lit bubble bath and dimming the lights by taking his shirt off and tossing it over the lamp. 

Whether it would be as hilarious or welcome if it was a female Hollywood actor playing the role, we’ll never know. But the spot does fit in well with Amazon’s previous Alexa-focused Super Bowl ads, which have featured A-list stars including Harrison Ford, Rebel Wilson and Cardi B. Lucky Generals has been behind many of these Super Bowl spots in the past and most recently it was responsible for Amazon’s 2020 Christmas ad, The Show Must Go On.

The Super Bowl has become synonymous with ads, though Amazon itself only joined the frenzy five years ago. Despite the world still being in a global pandemic, ad space for Super Bowl 55 has supposedly gone for well over $5 million just for 30 seconds of TV, so it’ll be interesting to see which brands have decided to flash the cash this year, with regular advertisers including Budweiser, Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co having announced they will be sitting this one out. 

Agency: Lucky Generals
Production company: Hungry Man
Director: Wayne McClammy
Editing: The Den
Sound: Beacon Street Studios


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