Amnesty Death To The Death Penalty – Warm & Fuzzy – 7.01

Death To The Death Penalty was launched in October 2010 to help promote Amnesty International’s campaign to abolish the death penalty in the 58 countries around the world that still have it.

Written by TBWAParis and directed by Pleix through production company Warm & Fuzzy, the film opens with a scene featuring a group of waxy white sculptural figures, not unlike pale toy soldiers. A man tied to a pole is facing a firing squad of four soldiers while an officer barks the command. Then a series of close-up shots show the figures distort and melt and it becomes clear that they are made from candle wax. The rifles begin to droop and the soldiers melt and drip.

In the next scene, two soldiers are about to kick away a chair on which a man with a noose around his neck is standing. Again, a detail shot shows the rope breaking as it begins to melt. The next shot shows the same scene from a different angle – the victim has vanished but the soldiers and the gallows are collapsing.

A masked man with a sword held aloft about to decapitate a kneeling, bound man is the next would-be executioner to melt away. Then an electric chair melts before the words Death To The Death Penalty appear in sculpted capitals. They too begin to melt but the camera pans to show what’s causing the heat: a single candle wrapped in a strand of wax-coloured barbed wire – which is, of course, Amnesty International’s universally recognised logo. A brilliantly executed visual metaphor for the work of the organisation worldwide.


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