Anagram brands Jangle, a property portal hoping to transform the market

The playful, welcoming identity echoes Jangle’s mission statement of becoming the most accessible real estate platform out there

The property sector isn’t necessarily what jumps to mind when you think of interesting design. The houses may be beautiful, but the estate agents and listings websites that feature them very often aren’t.

Jangle is here to change all that, however. Entering the scene just last year, the challenger property portal is already promising to shake up the market. By offering free listings to agents around the country, Jangle is hoping to tackle the all-too-familiar ‘duplicate listing’ problem that plagues other property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla — and is often caused by the listing fees.

Starting with the name, Anagram came up with ‘jangle’ as an onomatopoeic hint at “the noise of a full keyring” and as a play on the idea that Jangle is offering buyers “the keys to the whole market for the very first time”.

The branding is dominated by a warm orange colour palette that feels fun and inviting, as well as being a far cry from the minimal and frequently cold appearance of many property websites.

This is accompanied by a cast of illustrated characters that feel reminiscent of the kind found in newspaper and magazine editorials. They’re simple and friendly and reflect Jangle’s easygoing appeal. Anagram has brought these characters to life across a range of animations, where they search, in a relaxed fashion, for a new property.

Other illustrations include various objects such as keyholes and windows, which serve as symbols of curiosity and exploration, and again nod to Jangle’s mission of unlocking the property market for agents and buyers alike. The tone of voice is just as playful, written to be clear and accessible with dashes of humour to reflect the startup’s plucky challenger status.