Geltor’s identity by &Walsh emphasises the wild beauty of nature

‘Earth-conscious’ biodesign company Geltor has a new look by &Walsh that draws on cells and natural ingredients, brought to life with the help of striking art direction

Biodesign company Geltor creates animal-free ‘designer proteins’ for brands across various consumer packaged goods, including beauty, food and drink, and nutraceuticals (products derived from food considered to have physiological benefits). Among its developments is the world’s first vegan collagen – which typically comes from pigs – for the food and beverage market.

The company has a new visual identity designed by creative agency &Walsh that draws on cells and nature for inspiration. While the existing logo remains, &Walsh fleshed out a new visual language around it, from typeface and colourways to illustration and imagery.

The 3D visuals are crisp without feeling overly clinical, and pop against the royal blue palette. The key assets involve orbs containing a smorgasbord of natural ingredients that inspired Geltor’s proteins. The result is like a Björk video frozen within a snow globe, complete with the surreal art direction we’ve come to expect from &Walsh.

The team also developed an iconography system and a set of line-based illustrations to help distil complex information and make the company feel warmer and more approachable.