Andrex tells us to ‘Get Comfortable’ in toilet taboo-breaking ad

Created by FCB London and directed by Andreas Nilsson, the spot encourages people to have a healthy relationship with their everyday bodily functions

Going to the loo is part of everyday life but as with anything completely normal and regular us Brits have turned it into something embarrassing.

As a way to bust those toilet taboos, Andrex (owned by Kimberly Clark) has launched a new brand platform called Get Comfortable, which aims to “encourage the nation to engage with their intimate wellness”.

The launch film, First Office Poo, starts with a fart and ends with a walk of empowerment (rather than a walk of shame) to the loo, as the protagonist is emboldened by a nod of approval from the beloved Andrex puppy and strides proudly to the toilet.

The second film, Post Poo Euphoria, follows suit in terms of tackling embarrassment in public loos and shows a dandily dressed man shimmying to the sinks, clutching a roll of Andrex. Both spots mark a break from past Andrex campaigns, as well as the whole category, by avoiding toilet paper ad tropes such as close ups of brand packaging and squeaky clean bathrooms.

Directed by acclaimed commercials director Andreas Nilsson, the creative was overseen by ECD Kyle Harman-Turner, who was behind MoneySuperMarket’s memorable Epic Strut from 2015 with then creative partner Martin Rose. The Andrex campaign reaches similar levels of joyful silliness.

The Get Comfortable platform was informed by research carried out by Andrex that found that around 50% of people were too shy to poo at work or at a romantic partner’s house, and 41% were afraid of pooing at their in-laws.

These stats feature in VOD activity to support the launch film while OOH ads use stand-out headlines such as ‘Live unclenched’ and ‘Conquer the first office poo’, to get people talking.

The work also ties in with Andrex’s partnership with Bowel Cancer UK and ITV, where a joint VOD spot will launch in April, during Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Agency: FCB London
ECD/Creative Partner: Kyle Harman-Turner
Director: Andrea Nilsson
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director of Photography: Lasse Frank
Sound Designer: Sam Robson