The first half of this Monograph showcases a miscellaneous collection of animal drawings, some of which were created specifically for Creative Review…

The second half is dedicated to the Migration project. I was kindly invited back by the Espeis Gallery to exhibit on the billboard they have erected especially to show­case the work of artists and designers they admire. Previous exhibitors include Build, MOMO and WK interact among others. The following text, from the gallery website, explains the intentions behind the billboard space.

“Somewhere between the freedom of the New York street, and the curated collection of the gallery is Espeis Outside.

Along our exterior wall on 11th Street is a space that is neither protected like the interior of the gallery, nor is it a place without our direction. The first mounted piece was put up by WK Interact for his exhibition The Trail. Since then others have covered, bombed, or contributed to it.”

It is from developing ideas for the NY installation that the project grew into what it is now. Migration will take place in two parts, in two capital cities in two months. A flock of abstracted birds will be installed first on the Truman Brewery, London in late August. In September the birds will reappear in New York flocking towards the billboard on the side of the Espeis Gallery in Williamsburg – the project inheriting the migrational nature of its content.

If you would like to find out more about the Migration project or purchase selected original art­-work and prints from it please visit


Hellovon was launched in 2006 by London-based illustrator and artist Von. He has since worked with clients such as American Express, The New York Times, Non-Format, The Guardian and GQ. He has also exhibited internationally in galleries such as The Design Museum, Soma, Espeis and Stolenspace.

Von launched his online store, Shopvon, in 2007 where originals, prints and apparel are available for purchase.

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