These animated Earth Day PSAs are teaching kids to recycle

Nickelodeon and children’s mag Eyeyah have created a set of World Earth Day animations that teach children the art of re-using and recycling

Each of the short films is designed to provoke thought around global warming and climate change, as well as show Nickelodeon viewers how they can do their own bit.

One animation describes the Japanese art of kintsugi – which repairs broken objects using gold – as a way of prompting a discussion around how children can re-use things in their own homes. Another highlights how much plastic there is in our oceans. There’s also challenges – for example, counting the number of ‘fume ghosts’, or answering questions about how long plastic bottles take to decompose.

The films – which are based on illustrations by artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and the UK – all come with their own mini-soundtracks, which adds some playfulness to a serious set of subjects.

It helps that they’re almost all around the 30-second mark as well, which means they feel engaging and fun rather than too didactic.

The series will be aired on Nickelodeon across Asia today.