How to use animation to tackle taboo subjects

We speak to the brands and creative teams using animation to explore difficult and taboo subjects in the world of health and look at the impact it can have

Animation has the ability to create scenes impossible in live action, to change tone seamlessly, and even navigate challenging production restraints – for instance, the surge in animated projects during worldwide Covid-19 lockdowns. It has proved it can be a powerful medium, and it seems that brands are catching on to its flexibility as more and more we’re seeing animation employed to explore difficult, even taboo topics, especially around the subject of health. 

Numan’s most recent series of ads, which came out in December 2022, take advantage of animation to target the brand’s audience, “a man gripped by interia”. The idea behind the campaign was to show a protagonist fighting this interia and taking ownership in regards to their health, and the team opted for animated action figures to dramatise the concept.

“Ownable, distinctive brand assets have become unfashionable in recent years, but in today’s media landscape they are arguably more important than ever,” says Numan CEO Sokratis Papafloratos. “We wanted something bold and creative that would stand miles apart from what most people are doing. We also wanted a rich world of storytelling – a consistent world we can use for any of our products or categories.”