Anni Albers retrospective explores the intersection between art and craft

Known for her ‘pictorial weavings’, the 20th century artist’s contribution to modern art and design is being recognised in a new exhibition at the Tate Modern

Born in Berlin in 1899, Anni Albers is part of a crop of women designers whose work has failed to be written into the largely male-dominated history of modern art and design – at least up until now. The German artist’s first major retrospective has just gone on display at the Tate Modern as part of a collaborative project with Stiftung Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf.

The exhibition joins a number of other recent retrospectives spotlighting the work of ill-celebrated women from the art and design world, including nun and artist Corita Kent, and British designer and printmaker Enid Marx.


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