Dear Satan: Anomaly releases amusing Christmas animation

The short film, which is voiced by Patrick Stewart, sees a little girl called Hope unintentionally unleash Satan when she puts a typo on her Christmas letter.

Dear Satan

Anomaly in London has created this funny festive cartoon, which demonstrates just what a typo can do, particularly if you muddle up Santa with Satan when you’re writing your Christmas letter.

The beautifully animated film was written and directed by Anomaly, “for the sheer pleasure of it”, and features a brilliant voiceover from X-men and Star Trek star Patrick Stewart.

Dear Satan
Dear Satan
Dear Satan

Written, directed, animated and produced by Anomaly and 7th Flr
Narrated by: Patrick Stewart
Writers: Alex Bingham, Conrad Swanston, Craig Ainsley
Animation Direction: Ben White
Animation: Ben Pearse, Joao Pereira, Tom Malins
Illustration: Serge Seidlitz (B&A)
Typography: Kerry Roper
Production: Tara Oliver
Sound Design: Mark Hellaby, Mike Bovill (750mph)
Composition: Ashley Bates, Jamie Masters (Adelphoi)