Another AnOther Magazine

Cover of the redesigned AnOther Magazine which boasts a revamped identity and
new typographic language throughout
Many of our recent posts on magazines (Super Super, 032c et al) have suggested that there may be a sea change a-foot in the way many contemporary mags are designed and, indeed, in what their readers want from them. Sitting pretty comfortably enough away from the “ugly” side of the fence is the new-look AnOther Magazine; no stranger to high-fashion/art/design aesthetics itself, its redesign is part of an attempt to align AnOther specifically as a women’s fashion title. Its changes are, largely, typographic (including a new identity) and were brought in by creative director David James, art director Sara Hemming and design director Gareth Hague. If you like your magazines more elegant, you can rest easy – this is a day-glo-free zone.


Milton Keynes