Gut agency

Anselmo Ramos on going with your gut

We speak to Gut co-founder Anselmo Ramos about the challenges of running an independent network, the importance of working with brave clients, and how to be an effective creative leader

“It’s never a perfect time to open an agency,” says Anselmo Ramos. “It’s like having a baby – there’s no good time or bad time. I think if you really want it, you just go for it.”

Having worked in advertising for almost three decades, ‘going for it’ is something that Ramos has developed a knack for over the years. Inspired by the late David ­Ogilvy, the Brazilian-born chief creative officer and his Argentinian co-founder, Gastón Bigio, launched David in 2012. Under their stewardship, the lauded ­agency created award-winning work such as Burger King’s Proud Whopper campaign and Heinz’s Mad Men tribute, as well as ­establishing a presence in São Paulo, ­Buenos Aires, and Miami.

After six years of running David, which was backed financially by Ogilvy and WPP, in 2018 the business partners decided to risk all their success on a venture that was entirely their own. The idea for Gut first came about during one serendipitous evening at the Cannes Lions Festival. “We said, ‘OK, let’s do this,’” Ramos explains. “We ­needed a name, and we set a name really fast. Gut says it all: it’s a name that comes with a philosophy. It’s about gutsy work, it’s about courage, it’s about intuition.”

Top: That Look campaign for Popeyes; Above: The Artois Probability campaign for Stella Artois