Anthony Burrill’s visual venture into the world of acid house

The graphic designer and letterpress artist has co-produced a record with one half of electronic duo Acid Washed, which features a fittingly typographic record sleeve

Anthony Burrill is best known for his distinctive letterpress prints featuring pithy slogans such as ‘Work Hard & be Nice to People’. A lesser known fact about the designer, however, is that in the late 80s he was the de facto creative director of a student-run (and short-lived) illegal rave in Oldham, called Heck Ta Sea.

This fact makes a lot more sense in the context of Burrill’s latest project, which has seen him both record and design an acid house record. Called The Future is Now, the record has been co-produced with long-term Andrew Claristidge (from French house duo Acid Washed), and features two tracks.



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