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Johnson Banks’ LoGoReDo project takes an existing logo and cheekily attempts to improve it. This week, they’ve had a go at BT

Johnson Banks’ LoGoReDo project takes an existing logo and cheekily attempts to improve it. This week, they’ve had a go at BT

“The idea is to take a current logo that isn’t working that well and improve it, without changing it radically. These aren’t real commissions (not yet), just graphic food for thought….” Johnson Banks’ creative director Michael Johnson says.

The main problem with the existing logo, the studio says, is with the type: “It looked a bit odd next to the piper, and it looks even odder next to the world/worlds. Some of the problem lies with the outside strokes of the B. In almost every typeface that we all read and use, the outside strokes are least as thick as the initial downstroke.”

After running through various versions such as this

And this

They finally settled on this

What do you think? An improvement or back to the drawing board?

Last week they had a go at the T-Mobile logo, which you can see here

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