Apple focuses on accessibility in epic new ad

Titled The Greatest, the spot is directed by Kim Gehrig and shows how Apple products make life easier for people across the world every day

Beginning with a demo of how someone might use Siri to help them start their day, the two-minute-long ad then proceeds to run through examples of how the software in Apple’s products can aid people with disabilities.

It is set to a soaring soundtrack of I Am The Greatest by Spiniflex Gum, which brings an emotional resonance to the everyday tasks featured in the ad.

Gehrig’s direction adds a dynamism akin to that of a sports ad, meaning the spot inevitably brings to mind Channel 4’s long-running work for the Paralympics, particularly the more recent spots that have focused on the lives of regular people with disabilities as well as athletes.

As ever with Apple though, the film is primarily a superb product demo. And following the brand’s series of ads that have focused on data privacy, this new spot underlines Apple’s bid to be viewed as the good guy of the massive tech brands, especially in light of Elon Musk’s decision to axe Twitter’s entire accessibility experience team last month.

Agency: Apple
Director: Kim Gehrig
Production Company: Somesuch