Apple brings a country vibe to its latest ad

The spot is another of Apple’s high-class product demo spots, which this time illustrates the advantages of having both an iPhone and an Apple Watch

Set to a soundtrack of Kitty Wells’ classic country and western track Searching (For Someone Like You), the ad eschews the hip youth demographic we are used to seeing in Apple ads for a hip older demographic instead.

The enigmatic spot opens with a rancher and his dog driving through never-ending farmland filled with identical haystacks. It’s unclear quite what he’s after until he pulls up next to one particular stack and steps out.

At this point, the man shrugs off any cowboy clichés by lifting up his sleeve to reveal his Apple Watch, which he then deftly uses to locate his lost iPhone, thus proving that it’s easier to find a lost phone in a haystack than a needle.

The spot is the latest in a series of Apple ads which focus on particular product benefits but without coming on too salesy, instead using a clever combination of music, storytelling and charm to lure customers in.