Apple’s Christmas ad brings snowstorms to the streets of Buenos Aires

Juan Cabral directs the ad, which sees a pair of friends use their AirPods – and the magic of dance – to turn the city into an explosive winter wonderland

The campaign, titled Share The Joy, revolves around the AirPods’ sharing feature – which lets two sets of headphones listen to the same thing at once. But this is only the jumping off point for the ad, which starts out as a pair of bored friends listening to music together, and ends up as an energetic dance off through Buenos Aires.

The duo cause festive havoc as they go, turning cars, street lamps, bins and even an unsuspecting dog into an explosive flurry of snowflakes (don’t worry, he survives to bark another day). Choreography comes courtesy of Damien Jalet, who’s perhaps best known for working with Thom Yorke and Paul Thomas Anderson.

It’s the first Apple Christmas ad with a completely Spanish-language track, featuring Bizarrap and Bhavi’s track Puff, which plays a pivotal role in amping up the energy of the spot.

It’s a little less sentimental than some of Apple’s previous festive ads – 2019 in particular pulled on the heartstrings – but is very much in the universe of unexpected magic that the brand so often plays in.

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Director: Juan Cabral
Production Company: MJZ